Corporate Governance

Organization chart

Administration Council

Member of the council Position
Carlos Rojas Mota Velasco Chairman and CEO
Mario Romero Vice-president of Administration and finance and Advisor
Gonzalo Uribe Vice-president of Operations and Advisor
Carlos Rojas Vice-president of new business and Advisor
Alfonzo Vásquez Salazar Business Director of Peru (individual solutions)
Alejandro Segovia Ramírez Business Director of Argentina (individual solutions)
Fabiano Pinto Gocalvez Business Director of Brazil
Ernesto Rodríguez Leal Director of Investigation, Development and Innovation
Mónica Velásquez Martin Human Capital Director
Vinicius Ranucci Ramos Platforms Director
Juan Pablo Fonseca Business Director for México (Solutions with Service)


Audit committee

Supervises the themes related to internal and external audits, internal controls, related parties, activities of the directive & council members. It presents reports to the council and informs it in case of irregularities.

Committee of corporate practices and strategy

It gives opinions to the council related to practices and administrative operations, provides assistance in the preparation of quantitative and qualitative information and also keep trace of the sustainability committee.

Committee of compensations

Supports the council with themes related to organizational structure, employee ethics, and recommendations in organizational development processes.