How do we improve the people’s health and contribute to the environment?


With Rotoplas water drinking fountains, we improve people’s health through unlimited access to purified water at a consumption point and contribute to the care of the environment by minimizing the ecological footprint of drinking water.

Mexico is a country with great challenges in terms of adopting healthy habits. We are the country with highest per capita consumption of bottled water in the world 1, which contributes in the generation of 87 thousand tons of garbage daily, of which only 11% is recycled, per the reported information by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI).

The preference for this hydration method its related to the mistrust of the water received through the network supply, due to an outbreak of cholera in the 90s for which the country wasn’t prepared 2, however, it’s an issue that must remain in the past, since today exists technologies that allow us to purify water and consume it with quality. In addition to bottled water, Mexico is the worlds “champion” in the consumption of soda and other high-calorie beverages, per figures of Health Organization. The intake of this type of beverages, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, are the main causes of high obesity levels in the country both in adults (7 out of 10) and in children (1 out of 3), occupying the first global place in childhood obesity 3. To promote the adoption of healthy habits, in Rotoplas we develop integral solution aligned to global initiatives, such as the Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, whose objectives are channeled to improve people life quality by guaranteeing access to clean water, promoting well-being through a healthy lifestyle and seeking environmental responsibility, among others.

In the quest of fulfill our mission of bringing more and better water to people and worried about the situation of the country, we created the Water Drinking Fountains line. This solution provides drinking water in a consumption point in an unlimited way to users, promoting the water consumption and a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve learned through different studies4 that when there is a Rotoplas Water Drinking Fountain, the water consumption increases 54%, the sugary drinks consumption reduces 34% and the generation of wastes related to bottled water reduces 16%; through the installation of more than 3,800 Water Drinking Fountains distributed in the Mexican Republic, we will benefit more than half a million people, a figure that will continue to increase as we adopt this hydration method in our daily routine.

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