Rainwater harvesting systems for households in the State of Mexico


In the efforts of reconstruction after the earthquake in Mexico City of the past September 2017, Rotoplas collaborates with other allies to supply rain water catchment systems to the affected houses.

The earthquake affected severely the population in Mexico City, Chiapas, State of Mexico, Guerrero, Morelos, Oaxaca y Puebla. The event helped to awake the spirit of solidarity of Mexicans that helped in every way the affected persons.

The most challenging phase has been the reconstruction, because several families are in the uncertainty of having a home again. Thus, several social organizations have come to the idea of developing integral projects of reconstruction that helps to reduce the waiting time, helps the affected persons to get involved in the reconstruction process and guaranteeing a secure home again.

This is why Rotoplas is working with strategic allies involved in the reconstruction phase of affected houses. Along with the foundation “Vamos a dar” and through the “Programa de Apoyo para Zonas Afectadas (PAZA)”. Rotoplas has developed a rainwater catcher system that aloud around 200 families to use the resource in an efficient way. These systems let the users use the rain water for consume, food washing, purification and other domestic chores. The total capacity of storage is around 80, 000 liters.

By the end of this project, that is expected to last around 3 months, around 200 houses of the municipalities of Ocuilán, Villa Guerrero, Tenancingo y Joquicingo in the State of Mexico are going to diminish their dependence of the water net, by counting with a sustainable system of rainwater catchment that elevates their life quality by getting access to water.

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