With these translations, it is easier to use and take care of the solutions for the Zapoteco, Mazateco and Tseltal speakers. ateco y Tseltal

In the frame of the international day of the mother tongue and in the effort for preserving the cultural richness of our country, Rotoplas has translated his comic intro three different prehispanic languages is manual for catchment systems, wet bath and purifier for households.

The mother tongue refers to these acquired at home, through the people that were responsible for breeding; included fathers, grandfathers, brothers or others.

The comic, that Rotoplas prints in color, serves as a didactical manual with images and text and seeks to generate and promote in an accessible way, good practices of use and maintenance of the solutions to favor the impact of the water catchment, wet baths and purifiers, for households. It additionally includes safety suggestions for the users to consider.

The comic is named “¡El agua ya pasa por mi casa!”, translated to Zapoteco as “Ma’ napadu nisa”, in Mazateco “¡Ja faa ndifa ngatjen nga ni yana!”, and in Tseltal “Te ja’e ya xk’axix ta jna”. In three different sections, the comic explains in a friendly way the functioning of the water catchment, wet bath, purifier and self-cleaning biodigester systems.

This initiative is aligned with the third focus of the sustainability model for Rotoplas: Impulse for socioeconomic development. This focus seeks to secure the social impact of the company solutions, which includes the indicators related to water access and sanitation in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and the local criteria of poverty measurement.

The comic is directed to the people of communities that doesn’t count with water access and sanitation; or whose access is restricted or limited: This is why, the translation of the comic to the original languages has aloud us to get to populations that belong to the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Puebla achieving not only the objective of maintaining well informed the majority of our users, but at the same time, to continue fomenting the use of prehispanic languages which are a cultural heritage of great value for our country.

You can know more about this and other initiatives of sustainability in our website: https://rotoplas.com/sustentabilidad