For its sustainability strategy, Rotoplas receives the Greenbrands award


The Greenbrand recognition is awarded with the launch of products such as the Urban Water Harvesting Systems.

Did you know that Rotoplas was awarded with the Greenbrand recognition due to its Sustainability strategy? This was achieved due to the company’s commitment to promote different activities to raise awareness of the use and proper use of water while contributes to improve the access to water resources and sanitation in vulnerable regions.

A clear example of this strategy was the launch of the new urban water harvesting systems. This system was designed to optimize the spaces and achieve the collection and storage of water in urban environments where a traditional harvesting water systems cannot always be installed.

Thanks to our new system we now have a technology that is optimal to collect water in big cities and that it can be installed from 1 tank to the number that it may be required as they can be easily connected in a modular way. This system helps to generate savings in drinking water consumptions since the collected water can be used in irrigation; car, floor and clothes washing.

Mexico is a very lucky country as it receives more than 1,489 billion m3 of rainwater per year, which really highlights the importance of having water harvesting systems to take advantage of this water and continue to aim for a more sustainable future.

About Rotoplas

Grupo Rotoplas S.A.B. de C.V. it’s a company that provides individual and integrated solutions for storage, conduction and improvement of water, leader in Mexico and Latin America. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Rotoplas has a presence in 14 countries and a portfolio that includes 18 lines of solutions. It has more than 20 plants in operation in America. Since December 10, 2014, Grupo Rotoplas is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the key of AGUA.