Rotoplas Group uses solar energy in 5 of its production plants


In alignment with the focal point 2 of the sustainability strategy of Rotoplas: Collaborative innovation with purpose, and emphasizing operational efficiency, Rotoplas Group develops projects that incorporate renewable energies in the productive processes of the company.

With this type of initiatives, we avoid the emission of greenhouse gases and diminish the dependence in fossil fuels, which aren´t renewable.

With this focus, Rotoplas Group has impulse the installation of 5,832 solar panels in its plants located in Mochis, Veracruz, Mérida, Guadalajara and Anáhuac. From the total of panels, 1,749 have been installed in the roofs of such plants and 4,083 panels have been installed in tertiary roofs. In joint, we have reached a total generating capacity of 2,294 kW. Allowing annual energetic savings of 3,640 kW.

With this Project, we will obtain 2,141,176 clean energy certificates (CEC’s) which can be sold to other users as carbon bonuses, to solve the impacts generated by the conventional models of production.

The Project will have a duration of 30 years. Starting with the installation of the panels in the month of April 2019. Nowadays the project is still in development and the interconnection with CFE is being generated to allow the own panels that are already connected to start working.

In the same way, these panels complement the acquisition of clean energy of the Company. This project considers data such as quantity of solar energy caught and the networks of energetic distribution to define better initiatives of electrical supply. By this, we strengthen our business behavior by being responsible with the environment.

This is how Rotoplas Group continues to collaborate in the continuous improvement of the environmental impact of its operations, in alignment with the generated agreements that took place on the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), which seek to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

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