Rural agriculture workers improve their productivity through ecotechnologies


To obtain certifications that aloud their crops to be exported, Rotoplas has created sanitation projects in different agriculture fields in Mexico.

To export their crops, the producers must accomplish several requirements of sanity from different governmental entities to guarantee the quality of the products. In the certification process the laborers need to demonstrate that the solid human waste is well processed in a way that doesn’t contaminate their crop fields.

For that, Rotoplas is working in the West of Mexico with the supply and installation of wet bathrooms, which are a sanitation system that allowed the proper treatment of the human feces and helps the laborer’s to secure de quality of the food produced, and certificate them.

With this project, more that 70 agriculture fields have been benefited in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

This is how this type of projects allowed Rotoplas to carry more and better water along with proper sanitation to rural areas of Mexico and Latin America. You can get to know other projects of Rotoplas along with other allies in our section Solutions for Development.