Se construye cerca de Buenos Aires la primera Escuela Sustentable de Argentina Ingles

The first sustainable school of Argentina is constructed near Buenos Aires

With the objective of being the first sustainable municipality of Argentina, Mar Chiquita receives in 2018 the project “A sustainable school”. Rotoplas would help the students of the school with getting access to water.

The program “A sustainable school” have the goal of developing a network of several public schools of Latin America that are self-sufficient. By generating a triple impact: in the children that study in the school, the community that surrounds it and the society in general.

The initiative was launched by Tagma, which is an organization that woks in the educative, the community and the massive sector among other allies. The project is located in Mar Chiquita which is one of the municipalities with the biggest biodiversity in Argentina. There you can find: sea, sand beaches, lagoons, prairies, dunes, grasslands and streams.

For constructing the school, they used a method developed by the arquitect Michael Reynolds and its enterprise Earthship Biotecture which has been used for around 45 years to generate self-sufficient buildings around the world. The design of the school seeks to take advantage of the energy from the sun, the water, the wind and the ground.

The concept of Earthship is designed to develop spaces under 6 fundamental principles that guarantee self-sufficient buildings comfortable for their users:

• Natural and recycled materials.
• Solar heat and thermic mass.
• Solar Electricity.
• Harvesting water.
• Sewage water.
• Food production.

To secure that the school has a sustainable access to water, Rotoplas helps to supply and install 28 rain water catchment systems. This collected water would be principally used for human consumption, sanitation, crop harvesting and storage.

The project would benefit indirectly around 23,000 persons that live in the municipality. This way, in Rotoplas we seek to help to guarantee the access to water and sanitation in schools, houses, communities and public spaces by improving the quality of life of people. We invite you to know about other successful projects in our site: Solutions for development.


Reporte del bono sustentable AGUA 17X ingles

AGUA 17X Sustainable bond report

Investments in the life cycle of water become more relevant thanks to their benefits in health, environment and socioeconomic development. Therefore, Rotoplas issued in XXXX the first sustainable bond in Latin America.

In the Bond Reference Framework, Rotoplas established that the obtain resources will be used to finance and refinance projects with a tendency to solve problems related to water. In the same document, Rotoplas explains the selection process of projects and key indicators to be measured.

To provide information about the use of resources, Rotoplas communicate the Sustainable Bond Report, 2017.

We invite you to consult the document.

Rotoplas emite el Bono Sustentable, el primero en Latinoamérica ingles

Rotoplas emits the first Latin America Sustainable Bonus


With the obtained resources, projects with sustainable impacts will be financed or refinanced in the countries where the leading company in water solutions has operations.

On June 28, Rotoplas emitted a sustainable bonus for projects with environmental and social benefits, becoming the first leading company to issue debt of this nature in Latin America and the second in America.

bono sustentable

The placement for a total amount of 2,000 million Mexican pesos (mdp), was made in two issues (AGUA 17X and AGUA 17-2X). The first one with a term of 3 years with variable rates and the second one with 10 years with fixed rate, both as part of a program of 3,000 million of Mexican pesos. The emission contributes and is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations and the Global Compact, the largest initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of the world.

Among the eligible projects that aim to provide basic and viable infrastructure for clean water and sanitation in vulnerable populations, you can find drinking water solutions, as well as sanitation and water treatment, water storage and recycling.

This sustainable emission has as objective to finance or refinance projects that improve access to water and sanitation, and that seek to solve as environmental as social challenges, through the attachment of the reference framework of this projects to the Green Bond Principles and the Social Bond Guidance; which is evaluated by a qualified third part.


Rotoplas’s Sustainable bonus was evaluated by Sustainalytics, who concluded that the company is well positioned to provide water and sanitation solutions to help solve these challenges, and recognized that it has clear and transparent processes for the resources management, defining this sustainable bonus as “solid, reliable and transparent”. Also, it considered that the resources obtain from this emission will positively contribute to Rotoplas sustainable strategy.

Rotoplas has the strong commitment to improve access to water and sanitation through solutions with a positive impact in environmental and social ambits, as proved in the establishment of their sustainability strategy and in their products portfolio.

Grupo Rotoplas assured that, with the issue of this sustainable bonus that combines green and social components, the company based in a transparent corporate governance strengthens its commitment to sustainability and its leadership position in the market.