The first sustainable school of Argentina is constructed near Buenos Aires

With the objective of being the first sustainable municipality of Argentina, Mar Chiquita receives in 2018 the project “A sustainable school”. Rotoplas would help the students of the school with getting access to water.

The program “A sustainable school” have the goal of developing a network of several public schools of Latin America that are self-sufficient. By generating a triple impact: in the children that study in the school, the community that surrounds it and the society in general.

The initiative was launched by Tagma, which is an organization that woks in the educative, the community and the massive sector among other allies. The project is located in Mar Chiquita which is one of the municipalities with the biggest biodiversity in Argentina. There you can find: sea, sand beaches, lagoons, prairies, dunes, grasslands and streams.

For constructing the school, they used a method developed by the arquitect Michael Reynolds and its enterprise Earthship Biotecture which has been used for around 45 years to generate self-sufficient buildings around the world. The design of the school seeks to take advantage of the energy from the sun, the water, the wind and the ground.

The concept of Earthship is designed to develop spaces under 6 fundamental principles that guarantee self-sufficient buildings comfortable for their users:

• Natural and recycled materials.
• Solar heat and thermic mass.
• Solar Electricity.
• Harvesting water.
• Sewage water.
• Food production.

To secure that the school has a sustainable access to water, Rotoplas helps to supply and install 28 rain water catchment systems. This collected water would be principally used for human consumption, sanitation, crop harvesting and storage.

The project would benefit indirectly around 23,000 persons that live in the municipality. This way, in Rotoplas we seek to help to guarantee the access to water and sanitation in schools, houses, communities and public spaces by improving the quality of life of people. We invite you to know about other successful projects in our site: Solutions for development.